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  • New World 5-Button Oven Timer Unit

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    - New World 5-Button Oven Timer Unit 0 in stock
    £74.95 (Incl. VAT)
    Indesit genuine 5-button oven timer unit C00156433 fits Ariston and newworld models: TC714&714/1,   TC714/2,   TC714/D(BK),   TC714/D(GN),   TC714/D(WH), CKE13000BR,   CKE13001WH,   CKE13002BR,   CKE13003WH,   CKE13004BR,   CKE13005WH,   CKE13008GN,   CKE13009WH,   CKE13010BL,   CKE13540BR,   CKE13541WH,   CKE13544BR,   CKE13545WH,   CKE13548BR,   CKE13549WH,   CKE13550BR,   CKE13551WH,   CKE13560GN,   CKE13567BR,   CKE13568WH,   CKE13569GN,   CKE13570BR,   CKE13571WH,   CKG21058BR,   CKG21059WH,   CKG21064BR,   CKG21065WH,   CKG21072BR,   CKG21073WH,   CKG21080BR,   CKG21081WH,   CKG21099BR,   CKG21100WH,   CKG21124BR,   CKG21125WH,   CKG21133GN,   CKG21134WH,   CKG21157BL,   CKG21504BR,   CKG21505WH,   CKG21514BR,   CKG21515WH,   CKG21526BR,   CKG21527WH,   CKG21528BR,   CKG21529WH,   CKG21538BR,   CKG21539WH,   CKG21540BR,   CKG21541WH,   CKG21542BR,   CKG21543WH,   CKG21550GN,   CKG21551BR,   CKG21552WH,   CKG21555BR,   CKG21556WH,   CKG21557GN,   CKG21558BR,   CKG21559WH,   CKG21560GN,   CKG32032BR,   CKG32033WH,   CKG32042BR,   CKG32043WH,   CKG32059BR,   CKG32060WH,   CKG32064GN,   CKG32072BL,   CKG32506BR,   CKG32507WH,   CKG32508BR,   CKG32509WH,   CKG32518BR,   CKG32519WH,   CKG32520BR,   CKG32521WH,   CKG32524GN,   CKG32525BR,   CKG32526WH,   CKG32527GN. This part has superseded: 281434900, 281436900.