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  • Electrolux Cooker Hood Carbon Filter Pair

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    - Electrolux Cooker Hood Carbon Filter Pair 2 in stock
    £29.00 (Incl. VAT)
    Electrolux compatible Cooker Hood Carbon Filter Pair equivalent to genuine 50290659007 to fit Acec, Alno, Arthur Martin, Electrolux, John Lewis, Firenzi, Juno, Zanker and Zanussi models: HCN65,   HCN95,   HCW65,   HCW95,   HCX65,   HCX95, AE 603 E,   AE 9014 E,   AEE 100 E,   AEF3360N,   AEF3370N,   AEF3490N, AFC6001N,   AFC6001W,   AFC6001X,   AFC9001N,   AFC9001W,   AFC9001X, CH120BK,   CH120X,   CH60BK,   CH90BK,   EFC105X,   EFC60001K,   EFC60001W,   EFC60001X,   EFC60110X,   EFC60RX,   EFC630K,   EFC630X,   EFC635,   EFC635X,   EFC635X/A,   EFC90001K,   EFC90505X,   EFC90904X,   EFC90905X,   EFC935X,   EFC935X/A,   EFC9505/S,   EFC9505K/S,   EFC9505X/S, FCH660SS, JLBIHD601,   JLBIHD902,   JLBIHD907, JDK5535-EF,   JDK7090G,   JDK7530E,   JDK7530G, KRC60X,   KRC90X, NH90RN2,   NH90RX2,   ZHC600N,   ZHC600W,   ZHC600X,   ZHC605X,   ZHC605X/GB,   ZHC605XIGB,   ZHC60X,   ZHC613X,   ZHC615N,   ZHC615W,   ZHC615X,   ZHC634X,   ZHC700X/GB,   ZHC705X/GB,   ZHC70X,   ZHC721X,   ZHC900N,   ZHC900W,   ZHC900X,   ZHC900X/A,   ZHC9015X,   ZHC905X,   ZHC905X/GB,   ZHC90X,   ZHC913X,   ZHC915N,   ZHC915W,   ZHC915X,   ZHC915X/V,   ZHC922X.