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  • Cannon Cooker Oven Spark Generator

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    - Cannon Cooker Oven Spark Generator 1 in stock
    £49.95 (Incl. VAT)

     Cannon Cooker Oven Spark Generator C00241367 for use on Cannon, Creda, Hotpoint and Indesit models. 

    10075G, 10240G, 10285G, 10300G, 10101G, 10243G, 10287G, 10300G MK3, 10102G, 10243G MK2, 10287G MK2, 10301G, 10106G, 10245G, 10288G, 10305G, 10107G, 10248G, 10289G, 10305G MK3, 10108G, 10248G MK2, 10289G MK2, 10306G, 10109G, 10280G, 10290G, 10308G, 10140G, 10282G, 10290G MK2, 10308G MK3, 10145G, 10282G MK2, 10296G Mk2, 10309G, 10183G, 10283G, 10297G, 10400G, 10401G, 10545G, 10573G MK2, 10576G MK3, 10410G, 10545G MK2, 10573G MK3, 10578G, 10410G MK2, 10545G MK3, 10574G, 10578G MK2, 10410G MK3, 10548G, 10574G Mk2, 10578G MK3, 10420G, 10548G MK2, 10574G MK3, 10579G, 10426G, 10548G MK3, 10575G, 10579G Mk2, 10427G, 10572G, 10575G MK2, 10579G MK3, 10540G, 10572G MK2 , 10575G MK3, 10592G, 10540G MK2, 10572G MK3, 10576G, 10592G MK2, 10540G MK3, 10573G, 10576G Mk2, 10592G MK3, 10593G, 10672G, 1113217, 1113279, 10593G MK2, 10673G, 1113218, 1113280, 10593G MK3, 10675G, 1113219, 1113281, 10595G, 10676G, 1113224, 1113307, 10595G MK2, 10678G, 1113225, 1113310, 10595G MK3, 10679G, 1113231, H13217, 10598G, 10692G, 1113232, H13219, 10598G MK2, 10695G, 1113252, H13225, 10598G MK3, 10698G, 1113253, K1113218, 10670G, 1113216, 1113278, K1113219, K1113224, K1113225, 48338, 6555P, GW54T, GW62LT, GW66X, GW42P, GW62G, GW62P, GW81G, GW54G, GW62LG, GW62T, GW81P, GW54P, GW62LP, GW66LX, KD641GM, KD641GX, KD643GW, KD643GX, KD641GW