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  • Candy Fridge Freezer Upper Left-Hand Door Hinge

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    - Candy Fridge Freezer Upper Left-Hand Door Hinge 10 in stock
    £9.95 (Incl. VAT)

    Candy Frige Freezer Upper Left-Hand Door Hinge 9180756 to fit Candy models: CDPA240L, CFD2430A, CFD2530E, CFD2550A, CFD2553A, CFD2554A, CFD2555A, CFD2560E, CFD2565E, CFD275AX1, CFD2830A, CFD2840A, CFD2850A, CFD2855A, CFD2860E, CFD2865E, CPC280, CPC280BM, CPC310, CPC310FZK, CPC310GB, CPC340, CPC340BM, CPC350, CPC350FK, CPC350FXK, CPC350FZK, CPC352GV, CPC353, CPC372GV, CPC372GVX, CPC402GV, CPC402GVX, CPCA280, CPCA280B, CPCA280BM, CPCA280GX, CPCA280PLS, CPCA280X, CPCA280Y, CPCA330FFK, CPCA340EX, CPCA340GVZ, CPCA340GX, CPCA340SK, CPCA340SKX, CPCA340VZ, CPCA340VZX, CPCA340Z, CPCA350G, CPCA350GVZ, CPCA350GX, CPCA350GZ, CPCA350K, CPCA360, CPCA360G, CPCA360GX, CPCA360L, CPCA360TK, CPCA360Z, CPCA361, CPCA361Z, CPCA370GZK, CPCA370K, CPCA370ZXK, CPCA400, CPD240, CPD240BM, CPD240L, CPD240RE, CPD240TK, CPD241, CPD280, CPD280BM, CPD290, CPD290BM, CPD290RE, CPD290X, CPD330, CPD330VRE, CPD340, CPD340VRE, CPDA240, CPDA240B, CPDA240G, CPDA240GX, CPDA240K, CPDA240PLUS, CPDA240S, CPDA240X, CPDA240Y, CPDA241, CPDA241GB, CPDA244, CPDA245, CPDA250, CPDA280, CPDA280GX, CPDA280L, CPDA281, CPDA283-47, CPDA290, CPDA290B, CPDA290GX, CPDA290S, CPDA290TK, CPDA290X, CPDA290Y, CPDA330VZ, CPDA330VZX, CPDA330Z, CPDA340G, CPDA340GL, CPDA340GVZ, CPDA340GX, CPDA340K, CPDA340VZ, CPDA340VZX, CPDC320AA, CPDC381SK, CPDC381SKX, CPDC381VZ, CPDC381VZB, CPDC381VZS, CPDC381VZX, CPDC381VZY, CPDC401VZ, CPDC401VZS, CPDC401VZX.