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  • Candy Cooker 2000w Grill Element

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    - Candy Cooker 2000w Grill Element 10 in stock
    £29.00 (Incl. VAT)
    Candy 2000w Cooker Grill Element 41020728 to fit Candy models:  2D322X,   2D362X,   2D362XUK,   2D364N,   2D364W,   2D364X,   2D364XUK,   2D365X,   2D365XUK,   2D467X,   2D468X,   2D764N,   2D764NX,   2D764W,   2D764X,   2D765N,   2D765W,   2D765X,   2D766N,   2D766W,   2D766X,   CI110N,   CI110S,   CI110W,   CI2006/3EGW,   CI2006/3EGX,   CI2006/3GW,   CI2006/3GX,   CI2006/3N,   CI2006/3W,   CI2006/3X,   CI2006N,   CI2006W,   CI2006WE,   CI2006X,   CI2006XE,   CI2012/3W,   CI2012/3WE,   CI2012/3X,   CI2012/3XE,   CI310/1DW,   CI310/1W,   CI310DN,   CI310DS,   CI310DW,   CI310EN,   CI310EW,   CI310N,   CI310S,   CI310W,   CI330/1W,   CI330EN,   CI330ES,   CI330EW,   CI330N,   CI330S,   CI330W,   CI4206/3N,   CI4206/3W,   CI4206/3X,   CI4206N,   CI4206W,   CI4206X,   CI4212/3EGX,   CI4212/3GX,   CI4212/3N,   CI4212/3NE,   CI4212/3W,   CI4212/3WE,   CI4212/3X,   CI4212/3XE,   CI4212N,   CI4212NE,   CI4212W,   CI4212WE,   CI4212X,   CI4212XE,   CI422N UNI,   CI422W UNI,   CI422X UNI,   CI512EW (E),   CI512EX (E),   CI5412/3N,   CI5412/3W,   CI5412/3X,   CI5412/3XE,   CI5412N,   CI5412W,   CI5412X,   CI5412XE,   CI542EN,   CI542EW,   CI542N,   CI542W,   CI642EX,   CI642X,   CI654EN,   CI654EW,   CI654EX,   CI654N,   CI654W,   CI654X,   CI96DM,   CI96DN,   CI96DS,   CI96DW,   F101X,   F101XARG,   F110M,   F110N,   F110S,   F110W,   F112/3M,   F112/3N,   F112/3W,   F112/3WARG,   F112M,   F112N,   F112W,   F122N,   F122W,   F123CN,   F123CW,   F132/3MUK,   F132/3NUK,   F132/3WUK,   F132MUK,   F132WUK,   F134/3NUK,   F134/3WUK,   F134/3XUK,   F140FRN,   F140FRW,   F142N,   F142W,   F142WISR,   F211 X UK,   F211X,   F21M UK,   F21W UK,   F21WUK,   F222/3CM,   F222/3CN,   F222/3CW,   F222/3CX,   F222/3RA,   F222/3X,   F222/3XOS,   F222CM,   F222CN,   F222CW,   F222CX,   F222RA,   F222X,   F224CN,   F224CW,   F232/3XUK,   F232XUK,   F233,   F233/3BMUK,   F233/3NUK,   F233/3VUK,   F233/3WUK,   F233/3XUK,   F233BLUK,   F233NUK,   F233VUK,   F233W,   F233WUK,   F234/3NUK,   F234/3WUK,   F234/3XUK,   F234MUK,   F234N,   F234NUK,   F234WUK,   F234XUK,   F242/3AN,   F242/3CX,   F242/3LA,   F242/3N,   F242/3PI,   F242/3RA,   F242/3SA,   F242/3TE,   F242/3W,   F242/3X,   F242/3XISR,   F242/3XOS,   F2420X,   F242AN,   F242CX,   F242LA,   F242N,   F242PI,   F242RA,   F242SA,   F242TE,   F242W,   F242WISR,   F242X,   F242XAUS,   F242XISR,   F243/3CN,   F243/3CW,   F243/3CX,   F243CN,   F243CW,   F254/3CN,   F254/3CW,   F254/3CX,   F254/3N,   F254/3W,   F254/3X,   F254/3XAUS,   F254/3XISR,   F254/3XOS,   F2540X,   F254CN,   F254CW,   F254CX,   F254N,   F254W,   F254WISR,   F254X,   F254XAUS,   F254XISR,   F254XOS,   F255/3X,   F2550X,   F255X,   F310/3N,   F310/3W,   F310N,   F310S,   F310W,   F311FRX,   F311X,   F311XISR,   F330/1FRW,   F330FRN,   F330FRS,   F330FRW,   F330N,   F330S,   F330W,   F330WISR,   F340FRN,   F340FRW,   F96/1M,   F96/1N,   F96/1W,   F96/2N,   F96/3N,   F96/3W,   FL0502X,   FL100N,   FL100W,   FL100X,   FL101N,   FL101W,   FL101X,   FL132NUK,   FL132WUK,   FL132XUK,   FL134NUK,   FL134WUK,   FL134XUK,   FL201N,   FL201W,   FL201X,   FL205N,   FL205W,   FL235N,   FL235W,   FL501N,   FL501W,   FL501X,   FL501XUK,   FL503N,   FL503W,   FL503X,   FL605X,   FL605XOS,   FL605XUK,   FL635N,   FL635W,   FL635X,   FLC20W,   FLC20X,   FLC60N,   FLC60X,   FLC65X,   FLP100/1W,   FLP100W,   FLP101/1X,   FLP101W,   FLP101X,   FLP501/1X,   FLP501W,   FLP501X,   FNP601N,   FNP601W,   FNP601X,   FNP602X,   FNP612X,   FNP615X,   FNP622X,   FNP815X,   FNP815XUK,   FNP825X,   FNPC612X,   FNPC825X,   FNPP612X,   FP601AL,   FP601N,   FP601W,   FP601X,   FP602XUK,   FP612AL,   FP612N,   FP612X,   FP622N,   FP622W,   FP622X,   FP622XAUS,   FP632CAL,   FP632CN,   FP632CW,   FP636AL,   FP636N,   FP636W,   FP636X,   FP815AL,   FP815N,   FP815X,   FP835CAL,   FP835CN,   FP835CW,   FP835CX,   FPC612N,   FPC612W,   FPC612X,   FPP612W,   FPP612X,   FR122/3N,   FR122/3W,   FR142/3N,   FR142/3W,   FS635AQUA,   FS635GRAFITE,   FZ100N,   FZ100W,   FZ310/1EW,   FZ310/1W,   FZ310EN,   FZ310N,   FZ310NISR,   FZ310W,   OVC245/1MUK,   OVC245/1WUK,   OVC245M,   OVC245M U.K.,   OVC245W,   OVC245W U.K.,   OVF215,   OVF215/1M UK,   OVF215/1W UK,   OVF215M U.K.,   OVF215W U.K.,   OVF245/1BLUK,   OVF245/1GFUK,   OVF245/1M UK,   OVF245/1W UK,   OVF245BL,   OVF245BL U.K,   OVF245GF U.K,   OVF245M U.K.,   OVF245W,   OVF245W U.K.,   OVF265,   OVF265/1M UK,   OVF265/1W UK,   OVF265M,   OVF265M U.K.,   OVF265W,   OVF265W U.K.,   R100/1GH,   R100/1SD,   R100/3GH,   R100/3SD,   R340/1FRW,   R340/3AM,   R340/3GH,   R340/3GHE,   R340/3SA,   R340/3SD,   R340/3SDE,   R340/3TE,   R340/3TF,   R340AM,   R340FRGH,   R340FRTF,   R340GH,   R340SD,   R340TF,   R43/3BA,   R43/3BD,   R43/3GH,   R43/3GHCR,   R43/3GHCRUK,   R43/3GHE,   R43/3RA,   R43/3X,   R43/3XE,   R43/3XUK,   R43BA,   R43BD,   R43GH,   R43X.