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  • Bosch White W/M Handle

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    - Bosch White W/M Handle 2 in stock
    £14.95 (Incl. VAT)
    Genuine Bosch 266751 White Washing Machine Handle to fit Bosch models: WAE24162GB/03,   WAE28162GB/01,   WAE28162GB/03,   WFL2000UK/01,   WFL2000UK/01,   WFL2062GB/12,   WFL2063GB/01,   WFL2063GB/12,   WFL2066GB/01,   WFL2066GB/06,   WFL2066GB/08,   WFL2067GB/01,   WFL2067GB/16,   WFL2067GB/17,   WFL2260GB/01,   WFL2260UK/01,   WFL2260UK/04,   WFL2450GB/04,   WFL2450UK/12,   WFL2462GB/12,   WFL2462GB/12,   WFL2463GB/12,   WFL2872GB/01,   WFL2872GB/05,   WFO2465GB/01,   WFO2466GB/01,   WFO2466GB/05,   WFO2466GB/07,   WFO2467GB/01,   WFO2467GB/15,   WFO2864GB/01,   WFO2866GB/01,   WFO2866GB/07,   WFO2867GB/15,   WFO2867GB/16,   WFR2466GB/01,   WFR2866GB/01,   WFR2867UK/05,   WFR2869GB/05,   WFR2869GB/11,   WFR3267GB/01,   WFR3267GB/04,   WFR3267GB/05,   WFR3268GB/05,   WFR3269GB/12,   WFX2467GB/01,   WFX2467GB/06,   WFX2468GB/23,   WFX2867GB/01,   WFX3267GB/11,   WVT1260GB/01.