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  • Bosch Washing Machine Door Seal Gasket

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    - Bosch Washing Machine Door Seal Gasket 10 in stock
    £25.00 (Incl. VAT)
    Bosch Compatible Washing Machine Door Seal equivalent to genuine 354135 and 8996451177241, to fit AEG Bosch, Neff and Siemens models: WAA20160GB/01, WAA24160GB/01, WAA28160GB/01, WAA28160GB/04, WAE24162GB/01, WAE24162GB/03, WAE2416SGB/01, WAE24260GB/04, WAE24464GB/03, WAE28162GB/01, WAE28162GB/03, WAE28162GB/05, WAE28464GB/01, WAE28464GB/03, WAE28464GB/05, WAE2846SGB/01, WAE2846SGB/04, WAE32464GB/01, WFC2060EU/01, WFC2060GB/01, WFC2060GB/05, WFD1260BY/01, WFD2060, WFD2060EU/08, WFD2060GB/01, WFD2061GB/01, WFD2071GB/01, WFD2071GB/05, WFD2072GB/01, WFD2072GB/05, WFD2073GB/01, WFD2073GB/05, WFD2073GB/06, WFD2073GB/07, WFD2460, WFD2460/01, WFD2460GB/01, WFD2471GB/01, WFD2471GB/08, WFD2471GB/10, WFD2473GB/01, WFD2473GB/08, WFD2473GB/10, WFL100GB/12, WFL120GB/12, WFL1240II/01, WFL2000UK/01, WFL2000UK/01, WFL2000UK/12, WFL2060GB/04, WFL2060GB/12, WFL2062GB/12, WFL2063EE/01, WFL2063GB/01, WFL2063GB/12, WFL2066GB/01, WFL2066GB/06, WFL2066GB/08, WFL2067GB/01, WFL2067GB/14, WFL2067GB/16, WFL2067GB/17, WFL2260GB/01, WFL2260UK/01, WFL2260UK/04, WFL2260UK/12, WFL226LGB/01, WFL2440/14, WFL2450/01, WFL2450FG/01, WFL2450GB/01, WFL2450GB/04, WFL2450UK/04, WFL2450UK/12, WFL245SGB/04, WFL2462GB/12, WFL2463FG/01, WFL2463GB/12, WFL246KGB/04, WFL246KUK/12, WFL246SGB/01, WFL2860/01, WFL2860GB/01, WFL2871GB/01, WFL2871UK/03, WFL2872GB/01, WFL2872GB/05, WFL2872GB/06, WFL2872GB/07, WFL2872UK/03, WFLI2440GB/01, WFLI2440GB/10, WFO100AFG/01, WFO2465GB/01, WFO2466GB/01, WFO2466GB/05, WFO2466GB/07, WFO2467GB/01, WFO2467GB/15, WFO2467GB/17, WFO2467GB/18, WFO2850GR/07, WFO285SGB/01, WFO2864GB/01, WFO2866GB/01, WFO2866GB/05, WFO2866GB/07, WFO2867GB/01, WFO2867GB/12, WFO2867GB/15, WFO2867GB/16, WFO2867GB/17, WFO2867GB/18, WFR2866GB/01, WFR2868GB/05, WFX2868GB/01, WFX3267GB/01, WFX3268GB/23, WVT1260GB/01, W5320X0GB/05, W5320X0GB/14, W5320X0GB/18, W5340X0GB/15, WH54080GB/01, WH54080GB/07, WH54080GR/12, WH54080UK/12, WH54480GB/04, WH54880GB/01, WH55680GB/01, WIQ1433GB/02, WM5487AGB/04, WXB1060GB/01, WXB1060GB/03, WXB1060GB/06, WXB1260GB/08, WXB861ME07, WXL125SGB/01, WXL127AGB/01, WXL127AGB/15, WXL146AGB/01, WXL146AGB/07, WXL146AGB/09, WXL147AGB/09, WXL147AGB/15, WXL147AGB/18, WXL166AGB/01, WXL166AGB/07, WXL166AGB/09, WXL167AGB/09, WXL167AGB/10, WXL167AGB/15, WXL167AGB/16, WXLM112GB/04, WXLM1200/27, WXLM122GB/04, WXLM1260GB/27, WXLM146AGB/03, WXLM146AGB/05, WXLM148AGB/08, WXLM148AGB/10, WXLM148AGB/14, WXLM148AGB/17, WXLM148AGB/19, WXLM166AGB/01, WXLM166AGB/08, WXLM166AGB/10, WXLM168AGB/10, WXLM168AGB/14, WXLM168AGB/15, WXLS122GB/05, Bosch Compatible Washing Machine Door Seal equivalent to genuine 354135, to fit AEG, Bosch, Neff and Siemens models: WAA20160GB/01, WAA24160GB/01, WAA28160GB/01, WAA28160GB/04, WAE24162GB/01, WAE24162GB/03, WAE2416SGB/01, WAE24260GB/04, WAE24464GB/03, WAE28162, LAV1418 W,   LAV50400,   LAV50420W,   LAV50420-W,   LAV505 W,   LAV50500,   LAV50500,   LAV50520-W,   LAV50520-W (91400128100),   LAV50600,   LAV50620-W,   LAV50700,   LAV50720,   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