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  • Bosch Typ G XL Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags

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    - Bosch Typ G XL Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags 4 in stock
    £12.95 (Incl. VAT)

    Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags (Part No.463511 / BBZ52AFGXL). These bags are Typ G XL and include 5xBags and 1xMicro-Filter.


    These will fit the following models: 

    BBZ41FGXXL(00), BSG71800/04, BSG71810/07, BSG71810IL/04, BSG71825GB/03, BBZ52AFGXL(00), BSG71800/07, BSG71810CH/01, BSG71825/01, BSG71825GB/04, BSG71266/07, BSG71800GB/04, BSG71810CH/03, BSG71825/03, BSG71826/01, BSG71266/11, BSG71800GB/07, BSG71810CH/04, BSG71825/04, BSG71826/03, BSG71266GB/07, BSG71801/01, BSG71810GB/01, BSG71825/07, BSG71826/04, BSG71636/11, BSG71801/03, BSG71810GB/03, BSG71825AU/01, BSG71826/07, BSG71666/07, BSG71801/04, BSG71810GB/04, BSG71825AU/03, BSG71830/01, BSG71666/14, BSG71810/01, BSG71810GB/07, BSG71825AU/04, BSG71830/03, BSG71800/01, BSG71810/03, BSG71810IL/01, BSG71825AU/07, BSG71830/04, BSG71800/03, BSG71810/04, BSG71810IL/03, BSG71825GB/01, BSG71830/07, BSG71830AU/01, BSG71840/03, BSG71866/04, BSG72000/07, BSG72022CH/04, BSG71830AU/03, BSG71840/04, BSG71866/07, BSG72000/13, BSG72025GB/04, BSG71830AU/04, BSG71840/05, BSG71866AU/01, BSG72000/15, BSG72025GB/07, BSG71830AU/07, BSG71840/07, BSG71866AU/03, BSG72000/16, BSG72070GB/07, BSG71835/01, BSG71842/04, BSG71866AU/04, BSG72022/01, BSG72077/01, BSG71835/03, BSG71842/07, BSG71866AU/07, BSG72022/03, BSG72077/03, BSG71835/04, BSG71842/10, BSG71877/07, BSG72022/04, BSG72077/04, BSG71835/07, BSG71842/16, BSG72000/01, BSG72022/07, BSG72077/07, BSG71840/01, BSG71866/01, BSG72000/03, BSG72022CH/01, BSG72200/01, BSG71840/02, BSG71866/03, BSG72000/04, BSG72022CH/03, BSG72200/03, BSG72200/04, BSG72212/15, BSG72225/09, BSG72226/11, BSG72511/07, BSG72200/07, BSG72222/07, BSG72225/11, BSG72230/07, BSGL4000GB/01, BSG72200GB/11, BSG72222/11, BSG72225/15, BSG72230/11, BSG72200GB/15, BSG72223/11, BSG72225GB/07, BSG72223/15, BSG72225GB/11, BSG72233GB/11, BSG72212/11, BSG72225/07, BSG72225GB/15, BSG72510/07