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  • Bosch Oven Door Hinge

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    - Bosch Oven Door Hinge 10 in stock
    £29.95 (Incl. VAT)
    Bosch genuine 065329 Oven Door Hinge to fit Bosch and Neff models: HBE660HGB(00), B1110W0GB/01,   B1120B2GB/01,   B1120F1GB/02,   B1120W1GB/02,   B1120W1GB/03,   B1130B2GB/01,   B1130W1GB/03,   B1130W2GB/01,   B1130W2GB/01,   B1140B1GB/01,   B1140N0GB/01,   B1140W1GB/01,   B1150G2GB/01,   B1150W2GB/01,   E2132W2GB/04,   E3122F0GB/04,   T1161W1GB/03,   U1130B2GB/01,   U1130W1GB/03,   U1130W2GB/01,   U1140B0GB/01,   U1140S1GB/01,   U1140W0GB/01,   U1150G2GB/01,   U1150W1GB/03,   U1150W2GB/01.