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  • Bosch Cooker Half-Moon Element ELE2052EGO

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    - Bosch Cooker Half-Moon Element ELE2052EGO 6 in stock
    £29.00 (Incl. VAT)

    Bosch Compatible 1700w Cooker Half-Moon Element equivalent to genuine 494643 to fit Bosch, Neff and Siemens models: HBN13N521B/01,   HBN13N550B/03,   HBN430550B/02,   HBN43M551B/01,   HBN700550/01,   HBN700550/03,   HBN7020GB/01,   HBN7021GB/01,   HBN7022GB/01,   HBN7050GB/01,   HBN7051GB/01,   HBN7052GB/01,   HBN7052GB/05,   HBN7060GB/01,   HBN7061GB/01,   HBN7062GB/01,   HBN9752GB/05,   PCD615CGB/07,   PKE615CEU/01, B1422N0GB/03,   B1441W0GB/05,   B1721N0GB/01,   B1721N0GB/03,   B1721N2GB/01,   B1721N2GB/05,   B1721W0/01,   B1861N2GB/05,   B1881N0GB/01,   B1881N2GB/02,   B1881N2GB/05,   B4562N0GB/02,   T1213N0GB/01,   T2124B0EU/01,   U1420B0GB/01,   U1421N0GB/01,   U1442S0GB/10,   U1721N0GB/01,   U1721N0GB/01,   U1721N0GB/02,   U1721N0GB/02,   U1721N1GB/04,   U1721N2GB/01,   U1721N2GB/05,   U1721S0GB/02,   U1721S2GB/01,   U1721W0GB/01,   U1721W0GB/02,   U1721W2GB/01,   U1722N0GB/01,   U1722N0GB/03,   U1722N0GB/10,   U1722S0GB/01,   U1722S0GB/02,   U1722W0GB/01,   U1722W0GB/03,   U1722W0GB/10,   U172IN2GB01,   U1744N0GB/10, HB90324GB/01,   HB90324GB/01,   HB90325GB/01,   HB90325GB/02,   HB90354GB/01,   HB90354GB/01,   HB90355GB/01,   HB90355GB/02,   HB90355GB/05,   HB90364GB/01,   HB90365GB/01,   HB90365GB/02,   HB90365GB/03.