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  • Bosch Circular Carbon Brush Unit

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    - Bosch Circular Carbon Brush Unit 9 in stock
    £24.95 (Incl. VAT)

    Bosch Carbon Brush Circular Unit equvalent to genuine 054870 and fits Bosch models: CC14800/01, CW10000/01, CW12600/01, CW13000/01, CW13000FG/01, CW13010II/01, CW14000/01, CW14000FG/01, CW14010/01, CW14010II/01, CW14600/01, WFA1000/01, WFM2000/01, WFM2000FG/01, WFM2010CH/01, WFM2010DS/01, WFM2010FG/01, WFM2010II/01, WFM3000/01, WFM3000FG/01, WFM3010/01, WFM3010CH/01, WFM3010DS/01, WFM3010FG/01, WFM3010GB/01, WFM3010II/01, WFM3010SN/01, WFM3600/01, WFV3800/01, WFV3800FG/01, WH33800/01, WH33800FG/01, WM10000/01, WM31001FG/01, WM31010DS/01, WM31010FG/01, WM31010II/01, WM33001/01, WM33800FG/01, WM10000/01, WM31001FG/01, WM31010DS/01, WM31010FG/01, WM31010II/01.