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  • Ariston Washing Machine Timer

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    - Ariston Washing Machine Timer 1 in stock
    £69.95 (Incl. VAT)
    Genuine Indesit c00032173 timer to fit Ariston, Indesit, New World models: 016625, AB1030CUK, AB1240CUK, AB930CUK, AI244CUK, AI224CUK, AI1248CUK, AI1248MCUK, AI1259MCUK, AL1250CTUK, AL1250CUK, AV1048CUK, AV1247CUK, AV834CUK, AV834CUK, AV838CUK, AWD1200UK, CD12TUK, SG12TXUK, SWD1000UK, WDG1095GH(G), WDG1095GH, WDG1195WG, WDG1195WG/1, WDG1295WG, WDG985BG, WDG985WG, WDN1079WG, WDN2196WG, WDN966BG, WDN966WG, WDS1000UK