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  • AEG W/M Pump

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    - AEG W/M Pump 10 in stock
    £34.95 (Incl. VAT)
    AEG Washing Machine Pump to fit AEG and Tricity Bendix models: FAVORIT 2000-W, FAV 345I-D GB, FAV 345I-W GB, FAV 348-W GB, FAV 442 SGA, FAV 443W AUS, FAV 445 IGA, FAV 445 IGA, FAV 445 IGA, FAV 445 IGA, FAV 445I-D GB, FAV 445I-D ITA, FAV 445I-W GB, FAV 445I-W ITA, FAV 445W BNL, FAV 445W EFP, FAV 445W GB, FAV 446-W GB, FAV 446-W GB, FAV 448 SGA, FAV 448-D GB, FAV 448I-D GB, FAV 448I-W GB, FAV 448-W GB, FAV 545I-B GB, FAV 545I-D GB, FAV 545I-M GB, FAV 545I-W GB, FAV 545W GB, FAV 546D GB, FAV 546W GB, FAV 548I-D E/F, FAV 548I-W E/F, FAV 575I-M, FAV 575I-M I/S, FAV 580W TR, FAV 580W TR, FAV 645W FP, FAV 645W GB, FAV 675 IGA, FAV 675 IGA, FAV 675 IGA, FAV 675 IGA, FAV 675A ITA, FAV 675I-B AN, FAV 675I-B AN, FAV 675I-B I, FAV 675I-B UE, FAV 675I-D, FAV 675I-D GB, FAV 675I-M, FAV 675I-M GB, FAV 675I-M ITA, FAV 675I-N AN, FAV 675I-N AN, FAV 675I-S, FAV 675I-W, FAV 675I-W AN, FAV 675I-W UE, FAV 675I-W UE, FAV 675W AUS/NZ, FAV 675W ITA, FAV 675W KOR, FAV 675W SAJP, FAV 676B ITA, FAV 676W AUS/NZ, FAV 676W DK, FAV 676W N/S, FAV 775 SGA, FAV 775I-B CH, FAV 775I-D CH, FAV 775I-D GB, FAV 775I-M CH, FAV 775I-W CH, FAV 775I-W GB, FAV 775W, FAV 775W CH, FAV 775-W FP, FAV 775W GB, FAV 775W ITA, FAV 875 SGA, FAV 875I B AU, FAV 875I W AU, FAV 875I-B, FAV 875I-B 3D GB, FAV 875I-B CH, FAV 875I-D, FAV 875I-D 3D GB, FAV 875I-D CH, FAV 875I-D GB, FAV 875I-M 3D GB, FAV 875I-W, FAV 875I-W 3D GB, FAV 875W, FAV 875W ELEC.GB, FAV 875-W FP, FAV 875W I, BK111, BK111W.