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  • Genuine Original fan motor assembly | 083083400

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    - Genuine Original fan motor assembly | 083083400 2 in stock
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    Hygena AHY4132, AHY4134, AHY4144, AHY4501, AHY4502, APL3318, APL3328, APL3413, APL3418, APL3423, APL3428, APL3443, APL4212, APL4215, APL4222, APL4225, APL4245, APL4311, APL4313, APL4316, APL4317, APL4321, APL4326, APL4327

    This motor will fit the following Diplomat cookers, ADP3110 ADP4220 ADP5015 ADP5193
    ADP3112 ADP4230 ADP5062 ADP5199
    ADP3114 ADP4500 ADP5063 ADP5242
    ADP3120 ADP4501 ADP5069 ADP5302
    ADP3200 ADP4502 ADP5072 ADP5304
    ADP3702 ADP4504 ADP5074 ADP5314
    ADP3722 ADP4505 ADP5075 ADP5323
    ADP3742 ADP4540 ADP5142 ADP5324
    ADP4173 ADP5012 ADP5152 ADP5404
    ADP4200 ADP5014 ADP5192 ADP5406
    ADP5424 ADP5735 ADP5834 APL4391
    ADP5426 ADP5740 ADP5835 APL4406
    ADP5514 ADP5741 ADP5854 APL4416
    ADP5515 ADP5751 ADP5864 APL4426
    ADP5613 ADP5754 ADP5865 APL4446
    ADP5614 ADP5764 APL3401 APL4456
    ADP5615 ADP5765 APL3491 APL4466
    ADP5714 ADP5814 APL4301 APL4476
    ADP5720 ADP5820 APL4318 APL5210
    ADP5734 ADP5824 APL4328 APL5220
    APL5511 APL5752 APL5772 APL5823
    APL5521 APL5757 APL5811 APL5844
    APL5702 APL5761 APL5813 APL5854
    APL5742 APL5762 APL5821 APL5893
    APL5747 APL5771