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  • Fridge Door Bottle Shelf | C00219585

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    - Fridge Door Bottle Shelf | C00219585 3 in stock
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    Plastic bottle shelf which is the lowest shelf on the door to fit Hotpoint and Ariston fridge and fridge freezer models as shown,

    Hotpoint Fridge Freezer

    LDR40P, RLA30N, RLA30P, RLA30S, RLA31G, RLA31P, RLA31T, RLA32N, RLA32P, RLA32S, RLA33G, RLA33P, RLA33T, RLM30A, RLM31A, RLM33A, RLS30N, RLS30P, RLS30S, RLA34G, RLA34P, RLA34T, RLA36G, RLA36P, RLA36T, RLM34A, RLM36A

    Ariston Fridge Freezer

    MS11, MS11F, MS11M, MS13F, MS13M: