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  • Drain Pump Assembly | BSH00146094

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    - Drain Pump Assembly | BSH00146094 2 in stock
    £39.00 (Incl. VAT)
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    Suitable to fit the following :

    WAA WAA20160GB/01, WAA20160GB/04, WAA24160GB/01, WAA24160GB/04, WAA24161GB/01, WAA24161GB/04, WAA24161GB/05, WAA24161GB/08, WAA24161GB/10, WAA24161GB/11, WAA24162GB/11, WAA24162GB/20, WAA24166GB/24, WAA24167GB/24, WAA24167GB/32, WAA24167GB/33, WAA24169GB/01, WAA24169GB/09, WAA24169GB/11, WAA24169GB/19, WAA24169GB/20, WAA24169GB/24, WAA24169GB/32, WAA28160GB/01, WAA28160GB/04, WAA28160GB/09, WAA28161GB/01, WAA28161GB/07, WAA28161GB/09, WAA28161GB/11, WAA28165GB/11, WAA28165GB/24, WAA28165GB/28, WAA28165GB/29, WAA28166GB/24, WAA28166GB/29, WAA28167GB/29, WAA28167GB/32, WAA28167GB/33, WAA28168GB/29, WAA28168GB/32, WAA28168GB/33

    WAB24060GB/01, WAB24060GB/02, WAB24060GB/03, WAB24060GB/05, WAB24060GB/11, WAB24262GB/01, WAB24262GB/15, WAB24262GB/16, WAB24262GB/17, WAB24262GB/20, WAB24262GB/21, WAB24262GB/22, WAB24262GB/24, WAB24262GB/31, WAB24262GB/32, WAB28060