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  • Dimplex Transducer | SP01/708520

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    The visual heart and soul of our Opti-myst range, our Glass Disk Transducer is slotted inside our Opti-myst products to create our fires’ smoke-effect visual. We recommend that you buy only genuine parts for optimum performance.
    Compatible with: Mansfield MAN20, Mansfield MAN20, Mansfield MAN20, Alameda ALM20, Auberry AUB20, Burbank BBK20, Burgate BRG20, CAS400, CAS400HLL, CAS600, CAS600, Danville DNV20, Danville DNV20, Danville DNV20, Danville DNV20, ENG56-400 56/400, ENG600BR 56/600, Gosford GOS20, Indulgence Optimyst, Mansfield MAN20, Mansfield MAN20, Moorefield, Meribel MRB20, Oakhurst OKT20, OMMOD400, OMMOD400NH, OMWFC20, Pemberley PEM20, Redway RDY20, Rothesay RSY20, RTOPCS20, RTOPI20, RTOPI20, RTOPSTV20, RTOPSTV20, RTOPSTV20, RTOPSTV20, RTOPW20, Sacramento SCR20, Silverton SVT20, Tahoe TAH20, Westbrook WBK20, Whitmore WMR20.