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  • Compatible Carbon Brushes | CBN9175

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    If your washing machine is making more noise than normal it may due to faulty carbon brushes. The carbon brushes conduct electricity from the fixed parts of the motor through the moving parts of the motor. We could soon help you with this replacement spare and get your washer to its working best.

    These carbon brushes are compatible with these select Blomberg, Beko and Elektra washing machines:

    Beko Washing Machine

    WASH814DW, WI1382, WM6167S, WM6167W, WM6355W, WM7043CW, WM7127S, WM7127W, WM7147S, WM7147W, WM7167W, WM7335W, WM7355S, WM74135W, WM74155LS, WM74155LW, WM8127S, WM8127W, WM85135LW, WMA665S, WMA665W, WMA667S, WMA667W, WMA727S, WMA727W, WMA745S, WMA745W, WMA747S, WMA747W, WMA765S, WMA765W, WMA767S, WMA767W, WMB61631B, WMB61631S, WMB61631W, WMB71442B, WMB71442S, WMB71442W, WMB71642S, WMB71642W, WMB81241LB, WMB81241LS, WMB81241LW, WMB81431LW, WMB81442LW, WMB91242LB, WMB91242LC, WMD77100, WME7227S, WME7227W, WME7247S, WME7247W, WME7267S, WME7267W, WME8227B, WME8227S, WME8227W, WMI71441, WMI71641, WMI77147, WMI77167, WML76WXC, WMP652W, WMX83133B

    Blomberg Washing Machine

    WMI7462W20, WNF7341A, WNF7466A

    Lamona Washing Machine

    HJA8501, HJA8511

    Smeg Washing Machine

    LBS108F1, LBS128F1, LBS128F2, LBS129F2, WM128SSA, WM148WSA