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  • CAPACITOR | 2807961400

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    Suitable to fit the following appliances: 

    7188241200 DD GTN28240GB GRUNDIG 8kg Dryer Black
    7182482490 DD DTGC8001RW BEKO 8kg Dryer White
    7188241240 GTN38250MGCG GRUNDIG H.Pump DRY Graphite
    7182483030 DTLCE80121W BEKO 8kg Cond. DRY White
    7187881100 BLOMBERG TKF8439A-EU B1 CNDU S AB09
    7182482920 DCY 7202X W3-SIN B1W CNDU S B13 BEKO
    7185531790 DTLCE80051B BEKO 8kg Cond. DRY Black
    7188234930 DTLP81141W BEKO 8kg H.Pump DRY White
    7189041400 DD DSC85W Beko 8kg Cond Sens TD White
    7188289620 GTN 37250 GS Grundig HP Dryer Bk
    7188289710 DD Sample GTN48250GC Grundig Dryer St.St
    7188285420 DD DPY 7404 X BEKO
    7187842620 DD LTK2802W BLOMBERG 8kg con/dryer white
    7182482690 DD DTGC8001W Beko 8kg Cond. Dryer White
    7188231470 DD DTGP7000W BEKO H.Pump DRY White
    7187842350 DTLCE90151W BEKO 9kg Cond. DRY White
    7188289400 DPU 7340 X (neu)
    7187842540 DD DCY9316W Beko 9kg Condens Dryer White
    7182482480 LTK28021W BLOMBERG 8kg Dryer White
    7187842870 LTK21003W BLOMBERG 10kg Dryer White
    7188231440 GTN28240GW GRUNDIG 8kg H.Pump DRY White
    7188283060 GTN39250GCW GRUNDIG 9kg H.Pump Dry White
    7188301240 DTGP7010W BEKO H.Pump 7kg DRY White
    7188234910 DTLP81151W BEKO H.Pump 8kg DRY White
    7185901480 DTLV70041W BEKO 7kg Vented DRY White
    7187842360 DTLC100051W BEKO 10kg Cond. DRY White
    7188283000 B.BERG TKF8451AG50-ALM B1 HP AB10
    7182482970 DD DCX71100W BEKO 7kg C dryer white
    7182482340 DD DTGC8101W BEKO 8kg Dryer White
    7182982820 DD DRVS83W BEKO 8kg Dryer White
    7188232480 DTGP8000W-0 BEKO 8kg HeatP. DRY White
    7188876100 EBVEGAXS46 HP BEKO